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Dev-Tricks.com was launched September 2017, and is a work in progress :)

About the Author

Hello, fellow traveler. My name is Jeff Starr. I started designing and developing websites way back in 1999. Since then, I’ve become fluent in PHP, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, XML, SQL, Apache/.htaccess, JSON, and numerous other languages. With nearly 20 years experience, I consider myself a full-stack developer, who is able to design and develop robust, sophisticated websites from the ground up.

My online work focuses on web development, graphic design, and DIY publishing. I’ve written four books and literally thousands of articles and tutorials on dev-related topics such as security, performance, SEO, and WordPress. I also run my own business and maintain numerous websites, including Perishable Press, Plugin Planet, and DigWP.com.

About the Site

As you probably are aware, web technology is changing constantly. It takes an enormous amount of effort to stay current. This site, Dev-Tricks.com, is where I share my experience learning about evolving languages, techniques, tools, and everything in between. This includes lots of CLI-based development, version control, JavaScript, apps, and related topics.

The site design is kept minimal, focusing on content, performance, and a good user experience. A big part in making that happen is excluding wasteful things like social media and overt advertising. There are plenty of other sites providing that sort of thing. Here, the focus is on content.

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I hope you enjoy your stay here at Dev-Tricks.com. If you want to get in touch to share ideas, or whatever, you can reach me via my contact form.

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